Welcome to the Skinventory

The Skinventory is a collection of most of the skins I've made for the first of Irrational's Freedom Force games. The skins and meshes here have not been converted for use with Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich, nor will they likely be. You can take care of that yourself. I purchased the game but just never got around to playing it. Looks like a blast, though.

At any rate, I managed to skin a number of things during the scant two years I was at it. I've included some early stuff (the Borg Drone, Union Jill) so you can see the cringe-inducing amateurity I started with, and then filled the rest of the site with the modest improvements I made (particularly my Captain America skin...wow!). There are a good number of original characters (and several variations of Spring Heeled Jack's look), as well as two series of skins about which I still get emails, X-Statix and the Aquabats(!). I've hesitated to include all of the skins of the former group because of their dreadful lack of stylishness, but they may find their way here if someone absolutely needs them. (Take it from me, just learn to do without!)

That reminds me, I'd like to thank Texas Jack for all the many, many wonderful meshes and hexes he created for me, for these particular skins. They made charmingly resourceful use out of other meshes, and I'm still surprised he bothered replying to my requests in the first place. I've tried to include them with the appropriate skins, when necessary.

Speaking of thanks, it should go without mention that Courtnall6 enjoys the lion's share of credit for assistance with my skins. His several base skins have propped up my humble useage of drop shadow and layering since day one. Also, the expansive and supportive Freedom Reborn community has been most helpful and inspiring. FigureFan in particular has been a great collaborator (even if we only managed to get one skin made!).

And I suppose there you have it. Two years, a few dozen skins, and a minor advance in personal talent. Time well spent.